Considering all that’s happened this year, some of you will be surprised to discover I regard this as having been a great year.

Anyone who’s read this blog will know I’ve got a varied positive outlook on life, one formed from a mixture of experience, and innocent ideology. It’s an outlook that tries to align the person I am, with who I want to be. I don’t really know how to accurately express my outlook on life in words. But the best description I can give is “Life is about collecting stories to tell your grandkids.”

This year has brought about many interesting (expected & unexpected) life challenges, and each one made me grow as a person – for better or worse we will only know much later. From having to leave AZ (a place I despised but which grew on my heart), losing loved ones, battles with little green monsters (overcome and dusted), adventures & tribulations with family, Cape Town (oh slaapstad), lessons in patience with the US embassy, finding love (and losing it again & again), and moving back to the US. Some challenges were easier than others (e.g. Green Monsters vs the US Embassy) but each challenge moved me forward in life. Destination unknown, but forward is better than backward.

I learned three major salient life lessons this year.

The first lesson was “a life less ordinary begins with friends.” I’ve said it many times here, but my friends are amazing. When people are prepared to drop everything at a moments notice and fly a couple thousand miles to spend a few nights in a hospital with you, that’s friendship that I hope I can honor. It does not matter how far I travel or where I find myself, it seems that great people are always at my side. Thank you.

The second lesson was “ignorance suffers no regrets”. I’ll admit I made some pretty ignorant choices this year (and in the past), and I’ve paid for those choices. To those that I hurt along the way with those choices, I’m sorry. To those that journeyed with me through those consequences, your guidance has been immensely appreciated. “No cause is lost, if there is but one fool left to fight”

The third lesson was “ask and you shall receive”. I genuinely believe that you get what you want out of life. And I’ve actually gotten EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted, I just need to just be way more careful about what I ask for.

This will be my last post for Migrating Pigeons. I’m moving onto a new creative project called 367degrees in the new years that will chronicle a new journey I’ve set myself. Migrating Pigeons was meant to chronicle and celebrate all the journeys I went through this year – which funnily enough involved chasing winter (…). With the migration now over, it’s fitting that I close one chapter and move onto another. Carrying baggage into any journey ultimately influences the way the journey progress. Migrating Pigeons still has baggage due to certain events that transpires in 2010. It’s my intent that 367degrees will look at things very differently.

So in the words of Jack Sparrow – “keep telling yourself that darling”