“The moment of first doubt is still a long way from being able to enumerate precisely why I felt the way I did. Our world requires decisions be sourced and footnoted, and if we say how feel, we must be prepared to elaborate on why we feel that way”

Well this was a good thanksgiving break. Got to spend some time with a good friend, his wonderful wife, and his very loud 1 year old child. I’m pretty amazing with children so that didnt bother me. Thanksgiving is kind-of weird to me, I’m not really big into American history so forgive my ignorance but slaughtering a zillion turkeys to celebrate the genocide of 99% of american indians seems ironic to me. Considering that America also has the highest divorce rate in the world, well it makes you wonder. But being thankful for what you’ve got is a good idea. Besides it gave me a 9 day holiday, of that I’m thankful.

I did do some intellectual skydiving during my break – I couldn’t windsurf the entire time. And this intellectual skydiving improved my windsurfing. Ever notice how when you focus on one thing, you forget about what you’re doing and you just let your instincts take over while your mind is pre-occupied. It happened to me while was going through this idea in my head, and next thing I notice I’m like downwind a 1000 miles. Lately I’ve been rather good at storing these things in my head for late at night when me and my buddy insomnia wrestle.

This will be a difficult concept for most people, but thats something I’m exploring right now. The idea to switch off and just rely on intuition and instincts. I like to think Im pretty good at it, and its only when I don’t listen to my intuition that I do something stupid and screw up (and thats a long long list). But this is not the time for further Pigeon Capers, for that you will have to wait and order my book off Amazon.

If they made a movie about my life, I wonder who would play me? I wish it would be Robert Downey Jnr.

Ahh the wonders of my crazy imagination. This week is busy for me. I head off to California on Friday to go recruiting, watch water polo as per usual, and do some travelling. I’ve never Climbed half dome in Winter, or gone snowboarding in Tahoe. You dream, I do.

Keep in touch. Thanks for visiting. And remember –

“Never trust a man who when left alone with a tea cozy… doesnt put it on his head.”