Today I awoke up with a riot going off in my mind. I desperately needed to think my way though an interesting dilemma I’d never foreseen – interest has grown so dramatically in my small 6 week 1 credit 6 student fall leadership class that I’ve been asked to turn it into a 12 week 3 credits 35 students seminar in the spring. The conundrum is whilst I’m truly loving my leadership class (I’ve learned more from these kids in just 3 weeks than any leadership class or book has ever taught me) the addtional teahcing load will interfere with my water polo.

So having just perfected a 5 mile trail route up past the golf course and into the hills, I figured a think tank run would help. So I put on all my billboard Adidas running apparel, and hit the trail. I haven’t run with my iPod for 4 months now, but I had this crazy earworm in my head (BT- Never Gone Back Down)which always makes me run fast, hence I mendaciously stuck my head phones in, switched my brain off, turned my dual V8s on.

At some point along the trail I couldn’t concentrate on my problem, so I turned off the music and just ran “chasing the silences”. I was about halfway up the first major switchback when I heard something out of place. What I didn’t know was that hunting season officially started this week. And in Otsego County there are tons of hunters and millions more deer! Turns out my route runs straight through prime hunting area!

Thankfully some hunter saw me coming up the path and realized I was heading into trouble, and got my attention. I stopped where I was and he came down. Told me how crazy I was, and told me to go back. He gave me his bright orange overcoat so any other hunters would see me, and told me to leave it at the trail-head.

I don’t know for sure if I would’ve been shot. But if a damn vice president could shoot a hunter, I’m pretty sure the chances of getting shot were greater than I’d have liked! I know its easy to treat any banal situation as fatalistic, but like I said in an earlier post, when you turn over your choices to God you can follow impulse.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do about this leadership class. Sacrifice, Compromise, but I gotta now find a new running route. Change is constant, routine is drab.

Save the Turkeys!