What do Peaches & Bobsleds have in common?

Well consider this abstraction. One of the reasons I moved to the country was to “slow down” and do something different. It felt like a perfect fit for my new philosophy of wanting nothing –“the more you know, the less you need.”

This philosophy came about through reflective observation in which I concluded that however long it takes, my mind will eventually desire the opposite of what I have. Some people call this ambition, the need to always improve. Now I’m as ambitious if not more than most people. Not many people sacrifice as much as me to achieve their goals. But I wanted to reduce the ego effect.

So I figured living in the country would inevitably teach me to “slow down”, ergo want less. Thus or However on Sunday I found myself at church and one of the messages that stuck in my head was “if we hand our choices over to God, we are free to act as the impulse moves us.” which invariably lead me into accepting an invitation to go bobsledding. (!!!!$#%)

Having never really been one to sign up for potential self inflicted pain, I too was shocked to find myself agreeing to this. But many will point out that I’ve done many a stupid thing at the invitation of a beautiful woman. And so on Tuesday I went on a bobsledding date. Most people go to movies, or dinner, I guess life in the country is truly different.

While I found myself speeding along an icy roller coaster course, on 2 thin blades, I concluded that this was definitely not “going slow”. But it was an exhilarating experience nonetheless. I didn’t really think I’d actually bobsled, but I was thrown in as the 2nd person on a beginner run. And it was hella fun. A possible new replacement for surfing (until I start snowboarding).

They say that “some parts of the world you make a conscious effort to visit, and others have to wait until fate delivers you there”. So if you’re moving to the country you won’t just eat a lot of peaches, you might get to bobsled too.

The less you want the more you will get.