So I am also teaching a leadership class for senior undergrads. Leadership studies is such an open ended and broad topic, filled with so many various and contradictory models, that it can be quite a boring topic. I feel like John Keating. I’m actually quite passionate about leadership, particularly growing and developing leadership with college kids, a side effect of coaching. My goal is to stimulate leadership thinking, instead of just studying theories & models. I’m using the Oxford teaching model, because I can get to know my students better, encourage creative thinking and debate. (there’s a reason Oxford is regarded as the best undergraduate teaching in the world).

So using are a few techniques I picked up from The Dr. Leonard Valverde (an Arizona State legend) I chose this youtube video I found as my first discussion piece. I’ve used it when I tried to teach leadership to some of my water polo kids, and I’ve found that there are so many things you can learn from it, without turning leadership into something stuffy and boring.

The next discussion piece relates to Tempered Radicals. Which is a topic that influenced me heavily when I honestly critically evaluated myself – I was probably more a Tempered Moderate than a Tempered Radical.

The last piece im using is a case study which each student must do on any activist leader (Ghandi, Mandela, King, et al) based on my theory that “the majority is always wrong”.

“Leadership is about being vulnerable so people trust you. It’s about telling people things that they may not want to hear in the right way at the right time so they respect you. It is about giving up your power and serving others. It is never about “you.” It is not about what you say….it’s about what you do.”