This week I was meant to blog about my internal checkup. It sucked. But anyway on Friday I went to visit an old family friend, and stumbled upon a long forgotten Tree. I think its a whattle tree or something, but how would I know. Back in the day this was no ordinary tree. It was our fort. It was our Jungle-Gym. It broke our arms. It protected us from crazy sadistic girls (and upset parents). It was just perfectly too high for my baby brother to climb, and just tall enough to see over all the neighbourhood roofs. In the summer it gave us shade while we dreamed of growing up. In the winter it sheltered us from the rain. It was the all-in-one multi-purpose tree. That tree meant everything and nothing to me. It was just a tree after all. You can’t love a tree. It’s not an animal. But yet it was an important part of me. As I grew up, I grew away from the tree. But it was still in some small way apart of my life until I became too old to climb trees.
The tree
When do you become too old to climb trees? When do they lose their general awesome amazingness? When do they just become trees?

I decided to I climb that Tree one last time (hopefully not). A silly person once told me its ok to be a rebel every now and then (which could be and did turn out to be the worst advice ever for a person like me…) so what the hell. Never really been one to observe accepted social behavior anyway, so I attacked that tree just like I did as an 8 year old. There used to be a secret way of climbing to the top, that had befallen many attackers and younger brothers. Did I still have it? Was I nimble enough? It’s amazing how long muscle memory survives (kind of like riding a bicycle, once you know how, you never forget). Going up was fine, but going down was slightly embarrassing. But I didn’t care. Here I was reliving my childhood. And it was AWESOME! I’m sure the Sunday Times will have a letter from any number of old ladys complaining about a strange 30 something man dressed in a suit climbing a tree in Tokai.

But who cares! Laughing at myself is the best medicine. I promised myself that I will climb that tree at least once more in my lifetime. I always keep my promises. Young at heart and mind I always say.

Many would think that the climbing this tree would lose its lustre at this age. But that wasnt really true. If you actually try to see the world for what it is, instead of what you’ve decided it is, like an 8 year old does, then you will understand that its quite posisble to see how amazing anything is. And that was what my 10 minute tree climb was like. To you im a crazy tree climbing hippie. To me im a crazy tree climbing hippie. Who cares. See the world differently. I dare you!