Why not
Why is more profound and opinionated than What. Why allows us to understand and empathize with the real world in order to comprehend a deeper reasoning to the natural order of events. What just gives us a veracious perception of reality. What can identify actuality, but cannot explain it. Where What is the manual operator of physical reality, Why is flight controller of realization. But Why has a problem, which What doesn’t. Why is quantum, What is Newtonian. What gives you facts. Why gives you probabilities and factors. What doesn’t speculate, or ponder, it just is. Why is creative and fantastical.

I’m a Why. My life was saved because a doctor saw a what and wondered why. The textbooks said if there’s X then it must mean Y, but why found something different, something evil. I still don’t know why it happened, but it forced me to take stock and change my whats. That Why has re-ordered the degrees of significance in my life. Goals and aspirations are different. Meals are different. Relationships are different. I hate to say it, but I found some more of myself hiding inside. It wasn’t an instantaneous change. It was a long (painful) three month dogmatic mental and spiritual metamorphism of fear, panic, trepidation, self pity, embarrassment, Shame, reflection, recognition, fortitude, hope, optimism, Confidence, humility, and then sanguinity and cognition.

Yes it was Stupid for me to not get treatment as soon as I knew about the little green monsters. But im glad I finished out the water polo season. It taught me a lot about myself, my heart and the world. Supposedly all things happen for a reason (disputed). My Whys & Whats got all blended around during that period. But Im still here, and im mostly the same cynical sarcastic passionate obtrusive friend you added on facebook. I do things because of Why. Are you a What or are you a Why? Don’t discriminate. Whats are people to.


Anhybristic – Adjective – to not be excessively proud or arrogant.

What not