I’ve got a thing for vegetarians that wear leather shoes. A bad thing. Likewise, I’ve got a thing for most hippies—which I use as a blanket term for the outwardly free-spirited and laissez faire sector of society that inwardly is lazy, self-centered, and emotionally and intellectually immature. I do not wish dread on anyone, but I nonetheless think the Iranian hikers knew where they were going, and that tree-sitters in Berkeley are merely 20-somethings finding a satisfying niche to fulfill their desire for attention.

Give me Larry Flynt in an American flag diaper over those wannabes any day.

I’d point to the fact that Flynt did six months of time for his remonstrations if not for the preponderate harder time done and being done by our beloved Iranian backcountry boondogglers. Which brings me in an extremely diverted segue to the Ground Zero mosque and Islamic cultural center currently being proposed by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and being debated by everyone (including yours truly) in the world who is either lazy, self-centered, and emotionally immature.

Here’s my take: There should be Islamic mosques and cultural centers all over the United States. Whatever we build on the footprint of Ground Zero, there should be an Islamic mosque and cultural center at the top of it. As Americans and as rational, moral, and empathetic human beings, we need to embrace our differences, and that we believe in freedom and liberties for all in spite of the fact that _____________ (fill in your prejudice and predisposition and even well-founded loss and heartache here). So yes, build that Islamic mosque and cultural center.

Just don’t let Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf be remotely involved.

The reason being, quite simply, that Rauf’s track record in real estate development sucks. It really sucks my Italian-Dutch-Welsh-halfway-upper-middle-class-white-suburban-baptized-Episcopalian-now-atheist balls. I don’t know a lot, but I do know about real estate development and property management, and this guy epitomizes an extremely poor, exploitative, and altogether bobo style of real estate operations.

He’s a slum lord.

So says the city of Union, N.J., which filed suit against Rauf this week in State Superior Court over allegations that the Imam—landlord of two apartment buildings and sole officer of Sage Development—has repeatedly failed to address complaints by residents and orders by the city on issues ranging from moldy bathrooms to fire hazards. After Rauf allegedly ignored 12 fire code violations in 2007, a fire broke out in one of his buildings, and the landlord’s response was to merely board up the burned out shell of his apartment community and let it sit vacant.

I say those with a mission and a message and a purpose and an initiative be judged not by what they want to say, or what they want to do, or how they want to defend or uphold or highlight the rights of the constitution or any other credo, but by their track record, and their background, and by who they have historically and intrinsically shown themselves to be.

To that end, please support the construction of the Ground Zero Islamic mosque and cultural center, and please support me in my lazy, self-centered, and emotionally and intellectually immature efforts to have Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf completley disinvolved from the project followed by a grand opening soiree hosted by none other than Larry Flynt and a Morning After handpicked selection of the finest of New York’s Hustler Honeys. That’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the American Way. Let it ring.

by Chris Wood. For original article CLICK HERE
My take on the whole thing is simple – Al Queda is not Islam, much like the IRA is not Christianity. There were also muslim killed in 9/11. The idiot priest/bishop/preacher from Gainesville, FL is a bigot. Fanatical bigots turn this world to shit. Disagree with me, well then think about Hitler, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe… amen. I am not Muslim. I am a Christian. But we believe in the same God… most people dont know that. They call him Allah, we call him Yahweh, or Jehovah. So whats the problem. In the end fundamentalist Christians can be far worse than fanatical fundamentalist terrorists if you ask me.

If I insulted you today, then you need to look deep into what you believe and what you contribute to society.