Sunday FunDay
Sunday is the best day of the week. No other day is as gregarious or as lazy as a Sunday. Even if the weather is ugly, its still Sunday and, apart from the odd religious gathering, Sundays are there to relax and unwind and spend time with family and friends. Sunday is my new Friday.

As a rule, no Sunday sees me before 10. But today was different. It started off at the crack of dawn (5:13am) with a great text message saying that the ASU men’s water polo team beat Tucson Community College 19-7. The perfect wake up call, and I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. What better excuse could I find for another dawn patrol surf? None. I hadn’t surfed since before my internal remodeling. I was overdue. I threw my board & wetsuit in the car, and hit the beach. I was in such a good mood I hit the water before the sun broke over the Hottentots Holland Mountains. I stayed in until I felt like I had enough and made it home just in time to get a cooked breakfast from my Gran and make it down to morning mass. Afterwards I decided to cycle 37km down to Pringle Bay for lunch with some college friends, play a little calypso cricket, and then sail our Hobie Cats. I got a ride home just before sun set and then went to Cape Town Fish Market for dinner with new friend and a movie.

Now I’m back home and trying to calm my stoke. A big win for ASU, surfing, mass, cycling, braai, calypso cricket, sailing, dinner and a movie. What more could I get out of such a perfect day? They say that life is all about managing expectations.

This week I’m getting my visa. I expect it!

~ Pigeon