That’s me. I’m the operating system of this human vassal. Supposedly there was something wrong with some of my industrial parts. If we operate on the assumption that my brain is a computer made of meat, then my operating system was fine, but my hardware was out of sync.It feels weird writing here. As if I’ve already moved onto another consciousness far away from broadcasting my thoughts into this online pervasive universe.

Excuse me for being mister fucking negative, but some other things have been slightly more important to me recently. Realigning my priorities seemed pretty salient to me at the time. What I didn’t expect was the unbelievable amount of queries for more content here. Fuck sure, why not. Lets ask the guy who’s just had a near death experience to enlighten us. Survivors always have somenthign enlightening to say, don’t they? But in the words of the disconnected but remarkably aloof and succinct Deepak Chopra – “Belief is so incredibly powerful, it can imprint the brain so deeply, that even the most remarkable experience doesn’t bring any breakthrough into a new reality.” Ergo one impossible or fortuitous event is not necessarily enough to overcome spiritual stuckness.

Alas, I’m still me. I still find cynical observations about irrelevant human behavior far more interesting than that big bright white light waiting for me at the end of the proverbial tunnel. So what has been on my mind to occupy my time that I haven’t had the desire to scribble down my mental arse gravy here? Truthfully a lot. Too much. Sleep is now an effort. Sometimes I miss it. But alas sleep limits my thoughts. I read recently that spiritual people are distinguished by their clarity in thought, as opposed to their belief in God. Well clarity is something I’m missing right now. Every answer leads me further down the rabbit hole with even more questions. If that passage there imposes on you that I don’t believe in God or that, well then who are you, and why are you reading this page? If I don’t know you, I probably don’t like you, never did. But if I do know you, and you’re still asking that question, well then slap yourself with some honey and go look for bears, the gene pool needs some space.

So until my next memoir, which will hopefully be from the shores of somewhere distant and interesting, please remember – “It is human nature to try appear better than we are, especially in our own eyes”