(aka Wandering like a drunk home from a bender)

So the awesome farewell tour is over. Got to say cheers to a bunch of seriously amazing people – the entire Randazzo family at El Rancho Randazzo, the Clark family, Jay Turner, John Wright (all in California), Kyle & Adrianna in Chicago, Nikola in Annapolis, Rob in Pittsburgh and Jadi in New York City. Great Friends dont need great diatribes.

The flight home just sucked. Imagine the longest fire and brimstone church service of your life, on constant repeat. With Hannibal Lector’s reincarnated tormented soul sitting seeking redemption behind me – a screaming nightmare two year old who thought my chair was a ride at the carnival. It only got worse when her friend (aka Beyonce, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin all blended into one) came down to play and scream AT 3 AM!!!! Seriously to all parents out there – if your little terrorist is a screamer at the least hose them down with a horse tranquilizer for international flights. The rest of humanity doesn’t need your problems as well.

Apart from fighting terrorism, it always amazes me who I meet whenever I fly. Sitting next to me was a professor of philosophy from Columbia who spent a lot of time talking to me about Nieschke and other philosophies. An interesting guy, and learnt all I needed to and more about fatalism versus realism perspectives. Mainly he talked, I listened. Great topic for a future blog on changing perspectives while dealing with reality.

Anyway the first days in Cape Town have been awesome. Quality family time, and have already done some surfing, hiking and sailing, and even a little coaching. The insomnia battle against little green monsters begins in earnest next week.