As I wrap up my “farewell tour” around the US before I head home, one of the things that I’ve really come to appreciate it are the great friends I have. When I left arizona I was completely overwhelmed and distraught about turning my back on what had become my home. It was my friends that brought me out of my melancholy and made me realize how much I’ve accomplished and enjoyed myself.

Where would I be without the friends that I have? In not sure. I’ve survived a lot on my own, but friends have been the difference between a gold medal and a bronze.

So here is a tribute to my friends.
AJ GruckyElliott HulversonElaine BentleyWesley SjoholmHank BaldwinTodd ClapperNatasha DrukarovaKim RandazzoLauren RandazzoScott RandazzoNicky ClarkKyle SchackAdriannaNikola Malezanov