I think Karma’s got the wrong guy here.

Shame is the consequence I most dread.
Shame feels warm atop my head.
My actions I brake to circumvent
Possible shame that I strive to prevent.
Still shame comes rushing, right at my heals,
Always, forever, never heeding my appeals.
Shame and I seem never to part.
Shame feels so cold, icing my heart.
Ashamed, I join the rowdy troop,
Gathering up shame when so low I stoop.
Shame that I hide, for rather than stand,
Shame I embraced to be one of the band.
Though fresh on the outside, glowing to behold,
Secretly I nurse this shame that’s not told.
Shame that scorches me through the night,
Shame when I think of that other’s plight.
Ashamed and alone now, not able to erase
The memory of a silent, single face.