John Wooden is my leader for the month, chosen because he recently turned 99 and is still cruising along.

Coach Wooden is one of those influential leaders in sports, famous for being incredibly successful, but more renowned for his incredible understanding and study of human behavior. From a leadership studies perspective, many people have heard of his “Pyramid of Success” – CLICK HERE to down load a copy.

He has many many maxims which are famous, but my favorite is the following –

“Success is peace of mind which result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable!”.

He also identified 12 lessons in leadership, of which I believe are timeless characteristics.
1. Good Values Attract Good People
2. Love is the Most Powerful Four-Letter Word
3. Call yourself a Teacher
4. Emotion is Your Enemy
5. It takes 10 hands to make a Basket
6. Little Things make Big Things Happen
7. Make each day your Masterpiece.
8. The Carrot is Mightier than a Stick
9. Make Greatness Attainable by All
10. Seek Significant Change
11. Dont Look at the Scoreboard
12. Adversity is your Asset.